How To Optimize Computer?

This tutorial you should know how to optimize computer with work smoothly. This tutorial will show you some ways to optimize the performance of your Windows computer, especially if it is running very slowly. We all know how frustrating it can be for a computer to take what seems like an eternity to perform a seemingly simple task.  A slow computer can cost you time and even money over the long run.  For many computers, there is a cure, and I don’t mean a flashy new computer.  If you have a slow computer, a few hours to spare, and a basic understanding of Windows and a web browser, then this tutorial is for you.

  1. Step 1: Remove Malware, Spyware, and Adware
  2. Step 2: Run Error Checking
  3. Step 3: Clean Up Unnecessary Files
  4. Step 4: Uninstall Unused Programs
  5. Step 5: Disable Visual Effects
  6. Step 6: Set Energy Settings to High Performance
  7. Step 7: Make Sure Windows Is Up to Date
  8. Step 8: De-fragmentation Of Hard Disk To Speed Up PC
  9. Step 9:Disable/Hide System Resources During Startup
  10. Step 10:Close System Tray Programs:
  11. Step 11:Delete Temporary Stored Files
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